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Research Scientist in Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) group at VinAI is seeking highly qualified people for the position of Vietnambased Research Scientist in ML. As a member of the team, you will work on some of the most challenging problems, develop novel ML solutions, and collaborate with research scientists, residents and research engineers to integrate your ideas into products.

What you’ll do

  • Conduct cutting-edge research in machine learning and deep learning related to (but not limited to): generative AI (GenAI), representation learning, optimal transport, domain generalization, unsupervised learning, selfsupervised learning, weaklysupervised learning, and reinforcement learning.
  • Publish scientific papers in toptier conferences on ML such as NeurIPS, ICML, ICLR, AISTATS.
  • Collaborate with other lab members and visitors to develop solutions for real-world, large-scale problems.

What you’ll need

Required Qualifications:

  • PhD in Computer Science or related technical fields.
  • Experience in Machine Learning, Algorithmic Foundations of Optimization or Machine Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence).
  • Experience in C, C++, Python.
  • Contributions to worldclass research, including publishing papers in worldleading ML venues (NeurIPS, ICML, ICRL, AISTATS).

Preferred Qualifications

1. Relevant work experience, including full-time academia/industry experience or as a researcher in a lab
2. Strong publication record, especially on GenAI
3. Ability to design and execute on research agenda
4. Research activities: The machine learning (ML) group is currently focusing on many of the most studied machine learning topics involving Fundamental ML for GenAI, Representation Learning, Optimal Transport, Metalearning, Domain Adaptation, Domain Generalization, Active Learning, Bayesian Inference as well as their appropriate connections/combinations. Our research activities mainly include:

  • Investigating novel solutions for a wide variety of the most challenging problems in machine learning.
  • Collaborating with other VinAI teams (e.g., Computer Vision, NLP, Applied) to integrate research ideas into products.
  • Collaborating with worldclass researchers from all over the world in doing research on the related topics above
  • Organizing a weekly reading group: To explore, discuss relevant stateoftheart work.
  • Publishing research papers at toptier conferences on AI/ML including NeurIPS, ICML, UAI, ICLR,

Why you’ll love work here

  • Opportunity to apply your knowledge and research skills to make real impact to the world.
  • Compensation is highly competitive and will consider the applicant’s current experience level
  • Work on challenging realworld problems.
  • Opportunity to continuously grow your knowledge and your leadership skills
  • Opportunity to contribute, interact, share and learn from exceptionally talented colleagues

Join us in cultivating a culture of continuous learning and professional growth at VinAI.
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Interested applicants are invited to
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