Our team

We are lucky enough to share the same huge vision for the future of AI. Elite, passionate and full of ambition, our team members are determined to open up new horizons in AI research and application.

Hung Bui


Representation Learning, Deep Generative Models, Unsupervised Learning, Dialogue Systems. Former Google DeepMind, Adobe Research, SRI AI Center. IMO Silver Medalist.

Dr. Hung H. Bui is the Director of VinAI Research, VinGroup, Vietnam. His technical expertise and interests include probabilistic graphical models, deep generative models, Bayesian inference and machine learning, especially models for sequential and relational data with applications in human activity/intent recognition, video understanding and natural language processing. These interests center around the challenging problem of how to make the machine better understand the humans - a problem that plays a central part in intelligent assistive technologies, personal assistance and dialogue management.

Before joining VinAI, he was at Google DeepMind, Adobe Research and Nuance Natural Language Understanding Lab, and also spent almost 10 years at the AI Center, SRI International (formerly Stanford Research Institute) where he led the multi-institution research team in developing probabilistic inference technologies for understanding the user activities during the CALO project (at the time, the largest AI project in history, also known as the project that spun off Siri). Going further back in time, he was an assistant professor at Curtin University, Australia (2000 - 2003), Ph.D. graduate in computer science (Curtin, 1998).

Lam Nguyen

Head of Applied AI & Products Department

M.Sc Technical University Munich

Hoai Nguyen

Principal Research Scientist

Computer Vision, Human Action Recognition, Weakly Supervised Learning. Professor SUNY Stonybrook, Ph.D. CMU, Postdoc Oxford. IMO Gold Medalist

Van-Anh Dam

Head of Operations

Ngoc Tran

Head of Finance

Linh Pham

Assistant to Director


Dinh Phung

Senior Research Scientist

Machine Learning & Data Science. Professor at Monash University

Dat Nguyen

Senior Research Scientist

Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval and Deep Learning. Honorary fellow UniMelb, Ph.D. Macquarie, Postdoc UniMelb

Toan Bui

Senior Research Scientist

Medical Imaging, Computer Vision. Postdoc UNC, USA. Ph.D. SKKU, Korea

Toan Tran

Research Scientist

Machine Learning, Deep Generative Models and Bayesian Statistics. Ph.D. University of Adelaide

Nhat Ho

Research Scientist

Machine learning, Statistics, and Data Science.
Professor, University of Texas, Austin; Ph.D. University of Michigan; Postdoctoral Fellow University of California, Berkeley;

Rui Shu

Research Scientist

Representation Learning, Generative Modeling, and Deep Learning. B.Sc. Dartmouth, M.Sc. Stanford, Ph.D. Candidate Stanford

Tung Pham

Research Scientist

Classification, Functional Data, Variational Approximation, Manifold Learning. Ph.D. Melbourne. IMO Silver Medalist

Anh Tran

Research Scientist

Computer Vision. Former Amazon.

Son Hua

Research Scientist

Computer Vision. Postdocs University of Tokyo, Singapore University of Technology and Design. Ph.D. NUS

Quang-Hieu Pham

Research Scientist

3D Computer Vision and Deep Learning. PhD Candidate at SUTD, B.Sc. HCMUS

Cuong Cao Pham

Research Scientist

Computer Vision. Postdoctoral researcher at Automation Lab, CICE, SKKU

Thien Nguyen

Research Scientist

Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning. Prof. University of Oregon, Ph.D. NYU, Postdoc MILA UMontreal.

Tuan Luu

Research Scientist

Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing. Ph.D. NTU, Postdoc MIT

Viet Anh Tran

Research Scientist

Ph.D Grenoble-INP, Postdoc LIMSI-CNRS

Khoat Than

Visiting Research Scientist

Machine Learning, Deep Generative Models, Continual Learning. Associate Professor, HUST