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We are looking for exceptionally talented research scientists and research engineers to join our company. The current research areas include Machine Learning & Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Technologies, and Reinforcement Learning. For research scientists, candidates should have a proven track record in research (e.g., top-tier publications). Prior experience with current AI platforms (e.g., TensorFlow, PyTorch) is desirable for research engineers.

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World class team

We hire exceptional people, whether they are at the top of their field or just starting in their career, to work together to help make our VinAI technology the top-tier standard.

Diversity of people and perspective

We respect each other's unique cultures, beliefs, and qualities. We work towards creating a safe environment where everyone can thrive.

Ownership is encouraged

We support everyone in taking ownership of their work. Take initiative, stand up for your idea, and commit to its execution.

We work together as one

We bring together people with extraordinary talent and experience united by the same vision. We set outrageous goals, and create a culture where we win together.

Conscious long-term responsibility

We strive to maximize our positive impact on the world - through our products and beyond, for today and tomorrow.

Dedication to learning and innovation

We geek out with new technologies, learn from others everyday, and grow ourselves by helping others grow.


Technopark Tower, Hanoi, Vietnam


No. 25, Riverview 6, Vinhomes Goldern River, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Melbourne, Australia

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