Distracted driving costs lives throughout the year, which can be preventable with Driver Monitoring System. Incorporating the latest technologies, VinAI's InteriorSense can make your drive safer by monitoring driver behaviors, issuing warnings and preventing driving errors

As part of our InteriorSense suite, MirrorSense is the world’s first AI-driven automatic mirror adjustment technology. It has been honored with the Innovation Award Honoree in the Vehicle Tech and Advanced Mobility category at CES 2024. It precisely detects the car driver’s head position and eye gaze direction with a 10mm accuracy, automatically adjusting the position of all corresponding mirrors.

Main features

  • Fatigue and Drowsiness Monitoring
  • Attentiveness Monitoring
  • Phone Using Detection
  • Smoking Detection
  • Eating Detection

Advanced features

  • MirrorSense: Award-winning, World-first AI Hands-free Mirror Adjustment
  • Car Theft Prevention
  • Occupant Classification (child/pet/objects left behind)
  • Advanced Behaviors and Emotion Recognition
  • Driver Health Monitoring and Alcohol Detection ​
  • Gesture Recognition for Touchless Control

Our core technologies

Eye State Detection

Landmark Detection

Eye Gaze Tracking

2D/3D Head Pose Tracking

Behavior Detection

Why choose VinAI's InteriorSense - Driver and Occupant Monitoring System

  • Proven Accuracy: Our AI Model ranked 6th in NIST 2020. Independent benchmarking by an EU Tier-1 supplier also confirms our solution equals the accuracy and performance of the world's top 2 DMV suppliers.
  • World-first, Award-winning Feature: MirrorSense is an auto-mirror-adjustment feature that can be seamlessly integrated into smart vehicles with a Driver Monitoring System (DMS) camera.
  • Flexible Installation: Choose from multiple camera placement options (rearview mirror, steering column, instrument cluster, or center stack).
  • Compliance: Meet GSR2 Phase 1 compliance (2021/1341 DDAW).