people die in car accidents every year, with 80% of accidents a result of driver distractions and 20% a result of driver drowsiness.

Our AI Smart Mobility platform is making driving journey safer and more comfortable.

Main features

  • Fatigue and drowsiness monitoring
  • Smoking detection
  • Attentiveness monitoring
  • Phone usage detection

Advanced features

  • Car theft prevention
  • Occupant classification (child/pet/objects, left behind...)
  • Advanced behaviours and emotion recognition
  • Integration of automatic mirror adjustment, advanced AR HUD support, and voice assistant system 
  • Driver health monitoring and alcohol detection ​

Our core technologies

Face identification

Objects detection

Eye gaze & Head pose tracking

Why us

  • Highly accurate AI model: Rank 6th NIST 2020
  • Multiple hardware platforms and SoCs support
  • Adapted with multiple camera placement options (Steering column, Instrument cluster, Center stack)