Real-time Guard that Makes Any Cameras Smarter

Experience a new level of security with GuardPro. Our AI system surpasses traditional video monitoring by analyzing activity as it happens. Advanced features such as facial recognition, body language analysis, and real-time notification work together, allowing for immediate detection of suspicious behavior and unauthorized access.

The best thing? Thanks to SmartStream (High Throughout Video Analytics SDK) and AI Optimization, GuardPro can support large-scale systems with thousands of camera streams while remaining remarkably cost-effective compared to other solutions.

Foundational AI Technology

  • Face recognition
  • People detection and tracking
  • Object detection and size estimation
  • Action recognition
  • Vehicle detection, classification, and tracking
  • Automatic license plate recognition
  • Crowd detection, size estimation, and flow tracking

GuardPro's AI Features

Identity & Access Control and Vehicle Management

  • Face Recognition
  • Blocklist/Whitelist/VIP Identification
  • Face Anti-Spoofing
  • Unmask Detection
  • Vehicle Detection & Classification
  • Automatic License Plate Recognition - ALPR
  • Smart Parking

Compliance & Safety Analytics

  • People Counter: ROI Counter
  • People Counter: Line Counter
  • Invalid Parking
  • Safety Uniform Compliance Detection

Safety & Security Monitoring

  • Oversized Object in Elevator Detection
  • Pet Detection
  • Kidnapping Detection
  • Unallowed Object Placement
  • Falling/Lying Down Detection
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Fence-jumping Detection
  • Harassment Detection

Why choose VinAI's GuardPro?

  • Delivers a significant 35% reduction in hardware expenses compared to other solutions
  • Easily deploy AI for different numbers of cameras: From a few cameras to thousands of cameras
  • Utilizes state-of-the-art AI algorithms, ranking 6th in NIST Ranking for Face Recognition and 2nd on Masked Faced Recognition.

Partners and Clients


“The biggest difference is that VinAI's solution allows for processing 9000+ camera streams with just one server, providing customers with a cost-effective solution while still ensuring the desired quality.”

“We are working with partners such as VinAI to enable performance breakthroughs leading to practical, efficient, and advanced technologies to enhance security using our edge AI capabilities.”

“The total number of camera streams at Vinhomes Smart City being handled by GuardPro is more than 9,000 streams in indoor and outdoor areas, including lobby, elevators, corridors, parking lots and playgrounds... It optimizes human resources by detecting problems quickly, reducing the need for personnel monitoring while improving their quality. The AI camera system continuously monitors urban areas and detects abnormalities, sending real-time alerts to the Security Department and improving security and safety. It contributes to the establishment of safety and ensures compliance with general regulations for residents and improves the quality of life for all Vinhomes Smart City residents."