Security and Compliance Safety and Convenience

GuardPro is an AI-powered solution that revolutionizes building management by turning individual IP cameras into a comprehensive security system. GuardPro enhances security, compliance, and convenience with 24/7 surveillance and real-time notifications. It supports large-scale systems with thousands of camera streams while remaining very cost effective.

Elevate your security infrastructure today and experience the power of GuardPro's advanced AI surveillance.

Foundational AI Technology

  • Face recognition
  • People detection and tracking
  • Object detection and size estimation
  • Action recognition
  • Vehicle detection, classification, and tracking
  • Automatic license plate recognition
  • Crowd detection, size estimation, and flow tracking

Business Use Cases

Safety and Security Enhancement

  • Access control based on face recognition
  • Theft prevention based on license plate recognition
  • Blacklist/whitelist detection
  • Person re-identification
  • Fence jumping detection
  • Loitering detection
  • Threat detection (kidnapping, harassment, violence)

Compliance Enhancement

  • Parking violation detection
  • Unmask detection
  • Abandoned and foreign object detection
  • Bulky object detection in passenger elevators
  • Uncovered truck detection

Convenience Enhancement

  • Vehicle localization based on license plate recognition
  • Available parking spot localization
  • Convenient access to pools and playgrounds without resident cards
  • Fall and unconsciousness detection

Why us

  • A wide range of AI features, customizable to meet specific needs of our customers
  • Reliable software and seamless integration to our customers' systems
  • High level of model accuracy, consistently achieving top rankings on international benchmarks
  • A cost-effective solution for large-scale systems with thousands of camera streams
  • A cost-effective solution for large-scale systems with thousands of camera streams
  • A professional team of AI experts with experienced problem-solving skills

Partners and Clients


“The total number of camera streams at Vinhomes Smart City being handled by GuardPro is more than 9,000 streams in indoor and outdoor areas, including lobby, elevators, corridors, parking lots and playgrounds... It optimizes human resources by detecting problems quickly, reducing the need for personnel monitoring while improving their quality. The AI camera system continuously monitors urban areas and detects abnormalities, sending real-time alerts to the Security Department and improving security and safety. It contributes to the establishment of safety and ensures compliance with general regulations for residents and improves the quality of life for all Vinhomes Smart City residents."

“We are working with partners such as VinAI to enable performance breakthroughs leading to practical, efficient, and advanced technologies to enhance security using our edge AI capabilities.”