Turn Visuals Into Actionable Insights

GuardPro creates ultimate safety and availability for communities and businesses by transforming normal cameras into smart, cost-effective security systems with our advanced AI algorithms​.

Main features

  • Access-Care
    • Access control
    • Anti-spoofing Face Recognition Algorithm for faces with and without masks
  • Retail-Care
    • VIP recognition and returning customer identification
    • Traffic heatmap and people counting
    • Customer activity analysis

Advanced features

  • Area-Care
    • Multi-camera person re-identification and tracking
    • Unattended object detection
    • Anomaly detection
    • Vehicle detection and license plate recognition
  • Process-Care
    • Compliance analysis
    • Efficiency evaluation and monitoring

Why us

  • Support various AI features including face recognition with a high level of accuracy of 99%
  • Provide an end-to-end solution for enterprises
  • Use optimized AI algorithms for cost effective installation and operation
  • Protect privacy and ensures compliance based on edge computing