VinAI at CES 2022

Welcome to VinAI at CES 2022! Over three exciting days, we are thrilled to showcase our latest advancements in AI technology. Our product portfolio features Smart Mobility, Smart Edge, and Smart Data, each designed to revolutionize industries and improve everyday lives.

At this event, we are not just presenting products; we are unveiling a new chapter in VinAI’s journey. From a globally recognized AI research lab, we are transitioning into a product-led tech company. Our commitment to purposeful innovation drives us to create solutions that make a difference.

Discover how VinAI is shaping the future of technology. Experience the next phase of our ambition and witness the power of AI in action.

360-Degree Surround View Monitoring system

By combining the feeds from four single fisheye cameras and utilizing advanced artificial intelligence, VinAI's Surround View Monitoring provides drivers with unparalleled awareness of their vehicle's surroundings, effectively eliminating blind spots.

Our AI model goes beyond mere observation; it automatically identifies pedestrians, bicycles, and other vehicles, alerting the driver to potential dangers. This innovative solution can be seamlessly integrated into various car segments, showcasing its high technical feasibility.


We solve real-world problems by transforming state-of-the-art AI research into impactful products and services.


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