Many crashes & fatal accidents happen due to blind spots around the car and poor spatial judgement.

Our multi-camera integrated platform eliminates all blind-spots and gives the driver a complete view around the vehicle in real-time, significantly improving vehicle safety and enhancing the driving experience.

Main features

  • Front view, rear view with static and dynamic guidelines
  • Top view with trajectory guidelines
  • Tire view
  • Touch-based 3D/360 surround view
  • Safety warnings (warning signals from CAN message)
  • Auto on/off by changing gear, speed

Advanced features

  • Camera auto-calibration
  • Collision warning and unsafe door opening by object detection technology
  • Low light condition and bad weather support
  • Parking slot, free space detection and parking guidelines
  • Narrow street (width, height) measurement & guidelines
  • Transparent inside-out view

Why us

  • AI-enabled safety functions and enhanced driving experience
  • Best-in-class image stitching quality, with high performance and low power consumption
  • Flexible and portable on different platforms and systems, adaptive to all vehicle models