Countless crashes and fatal accidents occur due to blind spots and spatial misjudgment around vehicles. That's why we developed SurroundSense, a multi-camera system that provides a complete 360-degree view around and underneath the vehicle, effectively eliminating blind spots at critical angles. This enhancement significantly boosts safety and efficiency, especially on curves, in tight spaces, and collision-prone areas.

50K+ ship-to-market cars are embedded with our technologies, offered at a lower cost and faster integration than other solutions while maintaining global standards.

Basic Features

  • Front View, Rear View with Static and Dynamic Guidelines
  • Top View with Trajectory Guidelines
  • Tire View
  • Touch-based 3D/360 Surround View
  • Safety Warnings (warning signals from CAN message)
  • Auto On/Off by Changing Gears and Speed

Advanced Features

Our core technologies

3D image reconstruction with best-in-class image stitching quality

Image reconstruction for under chassis area

Image quality enhancement using AI

High class vision-based object detection & tracking

Vision-base parking slot detection with and without parking line

Why choose VinAI SurroundSense - 360 Advanced Surround View Monitoring System

  • Faster Integration: 3x faster in software deploying time than other SVM providers
  • Best-in-class image stitching quality, with high performance and low power consumption
  • Compatibility: Portable on different platforms and systems, adaptive to all vehicle models
  • Regulation Compliance: NHTSA FMVSS 111 and UN ECE R158.