Pushing the frontier of
Artificial Intelligence

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The first AI research lab in Vietnam with a focus on fundamental research

VinAI Research is the leading AI research lab in Vietnam. Its research arm aims at advancing the understanding of the fundamentals in machine learning, deep learning, and to investigate how they enable new AI methods in computer vision and natural language understanding. Its applied and commercialization arm aims to foster new AI applications, especially those that help to enable more natural human interaction with machines through voices, gestures, behaviors, biometrics, or from smart sensors and devices. As part of the VinGroup ecosystem which spans multiple verticals in real estate, manufacturing, healthcare, education, VinAI is well-positioned to be at the forefront of the digitalization of customer experience via AI techniques and systems.

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Looking for
exceptional talents

We are currently looking for exceptionally talented research scientists and research engineers to join our lab. The current research areas include machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, natural language technologies and reinforcement learning.
Join us to make tomorrow better with AI!

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From research to solving real-life challenges

With the aim of becoming a Vietnamese AI Champion, VinAI provides AI solutions in areas including Computer Vision, NLP, Speech Recognition & Machine Learning. Prioritizing speed & commitment in solving our client’s problems, we focus on areas in which we have an outstanding technological advantage. Our solutions aim to meet a global need and to be applied in many different industries.

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VinAI Residency


People with strong, self-driven interest in conducting research work, a healthy curiosity and the ability to learn new in-depth technical materials.

Current penultimate or final year students, recent graduates in a Computer Science program (or equivalence) in a University in Vietnam or abroad.


The full-time program offers residents a great research environment, training on AI algorithm development and problem-solving skills to tackle real-world applications, continuous training courses with a competitive salary.

Residents will gain both hands-on research experience and applied industrial experience at an international level, which will open the door to a wide range of opportunities in their future careers.

Residents are provided top-notch mentorship, strategically linking each team with established mentors in their field, both research scientists and research engineers of VinAI.



Exceptionally strong ability in either mathematics, or coding skills, or both. Adequate communication skills in English.