The first AI research lab in Vietnam with a focus on fundamental research

VinAI Research is a newly established research lab located in Hanoi, Vietnam. Funded by VinGroup, the largest enterprise in Vietnam by capitalization, our mission is to conduct high-impact research that pushes the knowledge frontier in AI and to accelerate applications of AI in Vietnam, the Asia Pacific region, and beyond.

Headed by its founding director, Dr. Hung H. Bui (formerly of Google DeepMind), this is the first AI research lab in Vietnam created with a focus on top-tier research and publications. The lab enjoys a world-class research facility, including ample access to computing infrastructure and GPUs. In addition, it will maintain active research collaboration with other top AI research labs around the world. The current research areas include machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, natural language technologies and reinforcement learning.

AI Residency Program

VinAI Residency program is created to identify the top young AI talents that will be trained to become the future thought leaders in the field. The residents are expected to spend approximately two years to directly participate in our research programs while being mentored by the lab world-class research staffs. Residents are expected to contribute to all aspects of research projects, including idea inception, experiment design and implementation, and writing and presenting research work at top-tier conferences in AI.

Entrepreneurship Program

VinAI Research represents one of the highest concentration of AI expertise in the region. Our members of technical staff are often world-class experts in their fields. Our AI residents are the best young and energetic talents. As part of our mission, we aim to be the driving force for improving technical depth and accelerating the rate of innovation in the applications of AI in Southeast Asia.  

Our Entrepreneur Partnership program is designed to help AI startups whose competitive advantage and success critically depend on their technological innovation. As part of this program, we offer partnered startups a number of benefits including office space collocated with the lab, proximity and access to our world-class AI experts, and connection to potential customer groups within the VinGroup ecosystem.

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