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VinAI ecosystem leverages cutting-edge technology to enhance operating efficiency for Original Equipment Manufacturers and Tier-1 Suppliers through optimizing end-users' experience. With exceptional advantages in Computer
Vision and Machine Learning, our products have been successfully deployed in millions of vehicles worldwide.
Recommended Products
Driver and Occupants Monitoring System
Ensuring a safe driving experience with our
in-cabin solutions, using high-performance cameras and AI to analyze driver behavior patterns to prevent driving errors.
Advanced Surround View Monitoring System
Reinventing the driving experience by offering unparalleled awareness of your surroundings and identifying obstacles in "blind" areas with our advanced surround view monitoring system.
Customer Success
VinAI's Advanced Surround View Monitoring System on thousands of VFe34
VinFast VF5 Rear View Camera by VinAI
VinAI's Surround View Monitoring System Trusted by EU Original Equipment Manufacturer
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