Codes & Datasets

1. Released Source Codes


No. Code Paper Conference Year
37 LFM Flow Matching in Latent Space 2023
36 HyperCUT HyperCUT: Video Sequence from a Single Blurry Image using Unsupervised Ordering CVPR 2023
35 XPhoneBERT XPhoneBERT: A Pre-trained Multilingual Model for Phoneme Representations for Text-to-Speech Interspeech 2023
34 Anti-DreamBooth Anti-DreamBooth: Protecting users from personalized text-to-image synthesis ICCV 2023
33 CREPS Efficient Scale-Invariant Generator with Column-Row Entangled Pixel Synthesis CVPR 2023
32 WaveDiff Wavelet Diffusion Models are fast and scalable Image Generators CVPR 2023
31 ISBNet ISBNet: a 3D Point Cloud Instance Segmentation Network with Instance-aware Sampling and Box-aware Dynamic Convolution CVPR 2023
30 QC-StyleGAN QC-StyleGAN – Quality Controllable Image Generation and Manipulation NeurIPS 2022
29 single_image_hdr Single-Image HDR Reconstruction by Multi-Exposure Generation WACV 2023 2022
28 PSENet-Image-Enhancement PSENet: Progressive Self-Enhancement Network for Unsupervised Extreme-Light Image Enhancement WACV 2023 2022
27 Counting-DETR Few-shot Object Counting and Detection ECCV 2022
26 GeoFormer Geodesic-Former: a Geodesic-Guided Few-shot 3D Point Cloud Instance Segmenter ECCV 2022
25 fsvc-ata Inductive and Transductive Few-Shot Video Classification via Appearance and Temporal Alignments ECCV 2022
24 TISE TISE: Bag of Metrics for Text-to-Image Synthesis Evaluation ECCV 2022
23 VinAI_Translate A Vietnamese-English Neural Machine Translation System Interspeech 2022
22 robust-bayesian-recourse Robust Bayesian Recourse: a robust model-agnostic algorithmic recourse method UAI 2022
21 HyperInverter Improving StyleGAN Inversion via Hypernetwork CVPR 2022
20 Point-Unet A Context-aware Point-based Neural Network for Volumetric Segmentation MICCAI 2021
19 PointSWD Point-set Distances for Learning Representations of 3D Point Clouds ICCV 2021
18 3D-UCaps 3D-UCaps: 3D Capsules Unet for Volumetric Image Segmentation MICCAI 2021
17 BARTPho BARTpho: Pre-trained Sequence-to-Sequence Models for Vietnamese Interspeech 2022
16 LeMul Toward Realistic Single-View 3D Object Reconstruction with Unsupervised Learning from Multiple Images ICCV 2021
15 TPC-tensorflow Temporal Predictive Coding for Model-based Planning in Latent Space ICML 2021
14 dict-guided Dictionary-guided Scene Text Recognition CVPR 2021
13 MagNet Progressive Semantic Segmentation CVPR 2021
12 JointIDSF Intent Detection and Slot Filling for Vietnamese Interspeech 2021
11 CPM Lipstick ain’t enough: Beyond Color-Matching for In-the-Wild Makeup Transfer CVPR 2021
10 blur-kernel-space-exploring Exploring Image Deblurring via Blur Kernel Space CVPR 2021
9 DSW Distributional Sliced-Wasserstein distance ICLR 2021
8 Warping-based_Backdoor_Attack-release WaNet – Imperceptible Warping-based Backdoor Attack ICLR 2021
7 PhoNLP PhoNLP: A joint multi-task learning model for Vietnamese part-of-speech tagging, named entity recognition and dependency parsing NAACL 2021
6 input-aware-backdoor-attack-release Input-aware Dynamic Backdoor Attack NeurIPS 2020
5 BERTweet BERTweet: A pre-trained language model for English Tweets EMNLP 2020
4 PC3-pytorch Predictive Coding for Locally-Linear Control ICML 2020
3 PhoBERT PhoBERT: Pre-trained language models for Vietnamese EMNLP Findings 2020
2 PCC-pytorch Prediction, Consistency, Curvature: Representation Learning for Locally-Linear Control  ICLR 2020
1 plasticbag-faster-rcnn Faster RCNN for plastic bag detection (Forked from tf-faster-rcnn)  – 2019


2. Released Datasets

No. Code Paper Conference Year
11 FSCD-147 and FSCD-LVIS Few-shot Object Counting and Detection ECCV 2022
10 PhoDisfluency A disfluency detection dataset for Vietnamese

Paper: Disfluency Detection for Vietnamese

WNUT 2022
9 PhoATIS_Disfluency PhoATIS_Disfluency: A dataset for investigating influence of disfluency detection to intent detection and slot filling

Paper: From Disfluency Detection to Intent Detection and Slot Filling

Interspeech 2022
8 PhoST A High-Quality and Large-Scale Dataset for English-Vietnamese Speech Translation Interspeech 2022
7 PhoMT PhoMT: A High-Quality and Large-Scale Benchmark Dataset for Vietnamese-English Machine Translation EMNLP 2021
6 PhoATIS A Vietnamese intent detection and slot filling dataset

Paper: Intent Detection and Slot Filling for Vietnamese

Interspeech 2021
5 PhoNER_COVID19 COVID-19 Named Entity Recognition for Vietnamese NAACL 2021
4 VinText – original, COCO format A dataset for Vietnamese Scene Text Recognition

Paper: Dictionary-guided Scene Text Recognition

CVPR 2021
3 CPM-Real, CPM-Synt-1, CPM-Synt-2, Stickers Makeup Transfer dataset

Paper: Lipstick ain’t enough: Beyond Color-Matching for In-the-Wild Makeup Transfer

CVPR 2021
2 ViText2SQL ViText2SQL: A dataset for Vietnamese Text-to-SQL semantic parsing

Paper: A Pilot Study of Text-to-SQL Semantic Parsing for Vietnamese

EMNLP Findings 2020
1 COVID19Tweet WNUT-2020 Task 2: Identification of informative COVID-19 English Tweets WNUT 2020