Saturday, Nov 19 2022 - 09:00 am (GMT + 7)

VinAI 2022 Winter Workshop

About the workshop

The research division at VinAI is proud to have 17 papers accepted to top-tiered AI conferences in the second half of 2022. Among these, 11 papers are first-authored by VinAI research residents. In this workshop, we will have a presentation series of our accepted papers as well as a panel discussion on the topic "How to get your paper accepted to top-tier conferences?" to showcase the latest development of AI in our research division.
As a side note, for those who are interested in our AI Residency Program, our application of Research Residents Batch 9 is OPEN now.

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Program details are as follows:






Dat Quoc Nguyen


Paper talk 1: Textual Manifold-based Defense Against Natural Language Adversarial Examples.
Nguyen Minh Dang and Tuan Anh Luu.
EMNLP 2022.

Dat Quoc Nguyen (Moderator), Dang Nguyen


Paper talk 2: Stochastic Multiple Target Sampling Gradient Descent.
Hoang Phan, Ngoc N. Tran, Trung Le, Toan Tran, Nhat Ho and Dinh Phung.
NeurIPS 2022.

Toan Tran (Moderator), Hoang Phan


Paper talk 3: Few-shot Object Counting and Detection
Thanh Nguyen, Chau Pham, Khoi Nguyen, Minh Hoai.
ECCV 2022.

Anh Tran (Moderator), Chau Pham


Panel Discussion "How to get your paper accepted to top-tier conferences?"

Khoi Nguyen (Moderator), Son Hua, Anh Tran, Toan Tran, Dat Quoc Nguyen


Paper talk 4: A High-Quality and Large-Scale Dataset for English-Vietnamese Speech Translation.
Linh The Nguyen*, Nguyen Luong Tran*, Long Doan*, Manh Luong and Dat Quoc Nguyen.

Dat Quoc Nguyen (Moderator), Linh Nguyen


Paper talk 5: On transportation of mini-batches: A hierarchical approach.
Khai Nguyen, Dang Nguyen, Quoc Nguyen, Tung Pham, Hung Bui, Dinh Phung, Trung Le, and Nhat Ho.
ICML, 2022.

Toan Tran (Moderator), Dang Nguyen


Paper talk 6: Geodesic-Former: a Geodesic-Guided Few-shot 3D Point Cloud Instance Segmenter
Tuan Ngo, Khoi Nguyen.
ECCV 2022.

Anh Tran (Moderator), Tuan Ngo


Paper talk 7: QC-StyleGAN - Quality Controllable Image Generation and Manipulation
Dat Nguyen*, Phong Tran*, Tan Dinh, Cuong Pham, Anh Tran.
NeurIPS 2022.

Anh Tran (Moderator), Dat Nguyen


Concluding remarks

Anh Tran

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