Software Engineer in Data Science

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Hanoi, HCM

VinAI Research is a leading research lab with offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Funded by Vin Group, the largest enterprise in Vietnam by capitalization, our mission is to conduct high-impact research that pushes the knowledge frontier in AI and to accelerate applications of AI in Vietnam, the Asia Pacific region, and beyond.

Headed by its founding director, Dr. Hung H. Bui (formerly of Google DeepMind), this is the first AI research lab in Vietnam created with a focus on top-tier research and publications. The lab enjoys a world-class research facility, including ample access to computing infrastructure and GPUs. In addition, it maintains active research collaboration with other top AI research labs around the world. The current research areas include machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, natural language technologies and reinforcement learning.

Who is VinAI looking for? 

Data is of crucial importance to VinAI Autopilot. We collect and analyze large amounts of data in order to improve every aspect of our autonomous driving capabilities. In particular, our neural networks require a large amount of the right kind of data to train. The Autopilot AI Tooling
team builds critical tools that enable us to source the right data for our neural networks. We are looking for a talented engineer who is strong in both software engineering and data analysis. You will work closely with world-class AI researchers and machine learning experts towards a self-driving future.

You will build systems that process and analyze our diverse autonomous driving data and our neural network training labels to produce analytics. You are skilled in both analyzing data and building data pipelines. You are strong in data visualizations, and have an excellent ability to extract insights from data. Knowledge of machine learning, computer vision, or neural networks is a plus, but not required. That can be learned on the job as you work with our machine learning experts.

What you’ll do

  • Work with various teams in Autopilot AI to understand the scope and needs for data analytics.
  • Build data pipelines and visualizations that provide actionable insights from the data.
  • Build prototypes when exploring data, and build production systems after the prototypes are proven useful.
  • Summarize and clearly communicate data analysis assumptions and results.
  • Build data pipelines and production dashboards for the team.
  • Design and implement metrics, applications, and tools that provide data insights.

What you’ll need

  • Strong programming skills in Python.
  • Proficient knowledge of data science libraries such as Pandas or Numpy.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Strong understanding of statistics.
  • Experience with relational databases and SQL.
  • Experience with big data systems such as Hadoop and Spark.
  • Experience building data visualizations.

Why you’ll love work here:

  • Compensation is highly competitive and will take into account the applicant’s current experience level
  • Work on challenging real-world AI/ML problems.
  • Opportunity to continuously grow your knowledge in ML technology.
  • Opportunity to contribute, interact, share and learn from exceptionally talented colleagues.
  • Chance to publish research outputs at top-tier AI venues.
  • Chance to work with experienced AI scientists worldwide
  • Trained on A.I algorithm development and problem-solving skills to tackle real-world applications
  • Opportunity to contribute, interact, share and learn from exceptionally talented colleagues.

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