Simulation Software Engineer

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Hanoi, HCM

VinAI Research is a leading research lab with offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Funded by Vin Group, the largest enterprise in Vietnam by capitalization, our mission is to conduct high-impact research that pushes the knowledge frontier in AI and to accelerate applications of AI in Vietnam, the Asia Pacific region, and beyond.

Headed by its founding director, Dr. Hung H. Bui (formerly of Google DeepMind), this is the first AI research lab in Vietnam created with a focus on top-tier research and publications. The lab enjoys a world-class research facility, including ample access to computing infrastructure and GPUs. In addition, it maintains active research collaboration with other top AI research labs around the world. The current research areas include machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, natural language technologies and reinforcement learning.

Who is VinAI looking for? 

As an Autopilot Simulation Engineer, you will contribute to the development of the simulation by building features and tools that enable rapid prototyping/testing of Autopilot. You will be expected to contribute to such tasks as Autopilot software prototyping, synthetic data collection, scenario design, performance evaluation, and vehicle dynamics simulation.

What you’ll do

  • Build tools that enable Autopilot software to be deployed and tested in virtual test driving environment
  • Generate synthetic data with ground truth labels for neural network training
  • Visualize and analyze sensor setups
  • Vehicle dynamics simulation
  • Validation of algorithms for perception, sensor fusion, planning and motion control
  • Optimize the performance of current features and tools
  • Work with all members of the Autopilot team to understand the simulation requirements and develop tools to meet those needs.

What you’ll need

  • BS/MS in Computer Science, Robotics, or the equivalent in experience/ability.
  • Strong programming skills in C/C++ and Python
  • Experience with Robot Operating System (ROS), Network Programming (TCP/IP, UDP), Object Oriented Programming, Design Patterns
  • Comfortable developing with Linux, Git, Cmake, Make.
  • Proficient knowledge of Computer Vision (OpenCV) and Deep learning (Data annotation, Object Detection, Semantic Segmentation, CNN)
  • Proficient in English, good communication skills, hard-working, team-first mentality.
  • Enthusiasm to take on new challenges and learn new skills.

Nice to Have’s

  • Experience working with virtual test driving software (Carla / LGSVL / CarMaker / VTD / Others)
  • Experience working with 3D creation tools (Blender / Maya), game engine (Unreal Engine / Unity / Unigine), computer-aided design (AutoCAD, CATIA).
  • Experience of software-in-the-loop (SIL) and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation.
  • Having knowledge of vehicle hardware and sensors (Camera, Radar, Lidar, IMU, GPS, ECU, etc.)
  • Experience working with mobile robots or autonomous vehicle
  • Experience with building GUI tools (Qt, tkinter, javascript, etc)
  • Familiar with ASAM OpenDrive, OpenScenario, HERE/TOMTOM HD Maps

Why you’ll love work here:

  • Opportunity to apply your knowledge and research skills to make real impact to the world.
  • Compensation is highly competitive and will consider the applicant’s current experience level
  • Work on challenging real-world problems.
  • Opportunity to continuously grow your knowledge and your leadership skills
  • Opportunity to contribute, interact, share and learn from exceptionally talented colleagues.
  • Chance to work with experienced ADAS/AD experts worldwide

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