AI Residency Program

VinAI Residency program is created to identify the top young AI talents that will be trained to become the future leaders in various areas of AI. The program is designed to address a critical bottleneck in the career development of young talents: the lack of opportunities to gain adequate research experience at a world-class research facility.

The residents are expected to spend approximately two years to participate directly in the research programs at the VinAI research lab while being mentored by the lab world-class research staff. Successful residents will acquire a solid theoretical background in machine learning and deep learning, together with strong coding and implementation skills in modern AI frameworks.

Residents are expected to contribute to all aspects of research projects, including idea inception, experiment design and implementation, and writing and presenting research work at top-tier AI conferences.

They will gain hands-on research experience at the top level, which will open the door to many opportunities in their future careers, including admission to the best PhD programs at the top international universities.


We are looking for exceptional talents to join our AI residency program. Candidates are expected to satisfy the following requirements:

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Currently enrolled as a senior-year student, or recent graduate in a CS program (or equivalence) in a University in Vietnam or abroad.

Strong, self-driven interest in conducting research work, a healthy curiosity and the ability to learn new in-depth technical materials.

Exceptionally strong ability in either mathematics or coding skills or both. Preferences will be given to candidates with demonstrated evidence for their abilities

Adequate communication skills in reading, writing, and spoken English. Advanced training will be provided to improve technical communication in English.