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Research Residents


AI Residency Program: Research Track is a 24-month in which, our residents will be trained and assigned to work on serious research problems as well real-world AI applications, closely mentored by our research scientists in Machine Learning, Computer Vision & Robotics, Natural Language and Speech Processing.


Since 2019, AI Residency Program – Research Track has trained 50 brilliant young talents, achieved 13 papers accepted and published at Top-tier conferences such as CVPR, NeurIPS, AAAI, ICML, ICLR, EMNLP, NAACL, and especially received 14 Ph.D. scholarships from the TOP 20 best Computer Science universities world-wide for 6 out of 11 residents in the first batch.

Within the 2-year residency, residents are expected to contribute to all aspects of research projects, from idea inception, methodology formulation and exploration, experiment design and implementation, interpretation of results, and report writing and presentation at top-tier AI conferences.

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  • Up to $20,000/year Training Package.
  • WORLD-class mentorship.
  • Training courses in Machine Learning, Maths, Computer Vision and Robotics, Natural Language Processing and Speech, English, …
  • Dynamic environment with excellent AI Research Scientists & Engineers.
  • Competitive compensation package.


  • Current penultimate or final year students, recent graduates in a CS program (or equivalence) in a University in Vietnam or abroad.
  • Minimum 3.2/4.0 or 8.0/10 GPA.
  • Bearing strong, self-driven interest in conducting research work.
  • Having exceptionally strong ability in either mathematics or coding skills.
  • Being able to communicate in English adequately.

Selection Process

We are looking for exceptional talents to join our AI residency Program - Research Track Batch 6!

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Round 1


20/03/2021 - 30/04/2021

Round 2


03/05/2021 - 30/06/2021

Round 3

Result Announcement

01/07/2021 - 15/07/2021

Round 4


01/08/2021 - 01/08/2021

Engineering Residents


AI Residency Program: Engineering Residency Program is a 6-month training program designed for fresh graduates. Upon successful completion, the residents will be eligible to join AI engineering and applied team at VinAI. The program covers theoretical AI knowledge, hands-on coding skills with practical experience of working on real projects.


VinAI Engineering Residency program is a 6-month program, providing its members a training period to become successful AI Engineers with both good AI programming skills and a deep understanding of modern machine learning and deep learning models.

Each member participating in the program will be experienced and trained according to a learning and application model in real work. The most significant difference from pure internship positions is the opportunity to take intensive courses in machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, led by renowned researchers themselves. And a lot of experience at VinAI teaching. Besides, there is an opportunity to work with product applications to reinforce essential background knowledge within 03 months and work directly with projects and products within 03 months.

In particular, each member will be instructed and trained and evaluated, and directed work by 01 mentor in VinAI’s Applied team during the 6 months of the program.


  • Competitive compensation (up to $20.000/year for Training package).
  • Opportunity to continuously grow your knowledge in AI technology.
  • Opportunity to contribute, interact, share and learn from exceptionally talented colleagues from VinAI.
  • Opportunity to publish research outputs at top-tier AI venues.
  • Trained on AI algorithm development and problem-solving skills to tackle real-world applications.
  • Hands-on experience with real products, especially of Vingroup ecosystem and world-class projects.
  • 1:1 mentorship with world-class Research Scientist.


  • Current penultimate or final year students, recent graduates in a Computer Science program (or equivalence) in a University in Vietnam or abroad.
  • Minimum 3.2/4.0 or 8.0/10 GPA.
  • Exceptionally strong ability in either mathematics or coding skills or both. Preferences will be given to candidates with demonstrated evidence for their abilities (e.g., previous research experiences at local university, participation in international/national competitions in science and programming, popular GitHub repos of implementation of machine-learning models, completion of basic online AI open courses).
  • Being able to communicate in English adequately.


Application for the Program is currently closed. Please visit our site in the future to learn more details about the next opportunity to apply.

AI Residency FAQ

What documents do I need to prepare in order to apply?


You will need to prepare:

  1. CV/Resume (Required)
  2. Transcript(s) (Required)
  3. Letter of Recommendation (Optional)

We accept online & unofficial transcript during interviews. Only qualified candidates will be invited for interview sessions.

Can I do the Residency remotely?


No. All residents are expected to work on-site at VinAI office in Hanoi / HCM city during their residency.

Is there a fee associated with this program?


There are NO fees to participate in the program. The program offers a competitive salary and relocation package for selected candidates.

Have questions not covered in the FAQs?


Please send your questions to job@vinai.io.
Please note the we cannot assist you in writing a resume or advise on specific courses or experiences needed. You can refer to the job description and if you feel you meet the basic requirements, we encourage you to apply.